Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Rejoice, Boje is out!

Well, I am apparently in a blogging mood today. :-)

I have to say, that maybe some will moan, but to me, I am grateful. Boje out. My finger is raised. I believe that he would not have been chosen for the team, but it I thank him for giving me the peace of mind with the tests coming up.

I will not continue to bash him further, as he's had a couple of great innings' and some important wickets. However couldn't another exciting young spinner have done the same?

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Amazing Open Source Game!

After John Carmack and co published the Quake 3 source code in June 2005, the open source community started programming and working on OpenArena. An enginewise clone and it seems weaponwise clone (not the models though) of Quake 3: Arena.

Gameplay is great even though the game is only at v0.6, with bot support and quite a lot of maps and textures etc. There are also some dedicated servers to be found on the site as well.

Open Source gaming is really picking up, and a special thanks to id and Carmack for being the contributors they are.