Tuesday, November 08, 2011

@Vodacom - Shocking email ability... Can you Read?

Ok, so I emailed vodacom with some questions (a specific store)...

I am due for an upgrade, and would like to express interest in the Samsung Galaxy S+ (i9001).
I am currently on a "weekender" but I am not really happy with it, as I am less of a talker, and more of a data user.  So I was wondering if I could go top-up 135 or perhaps the all day 100.

I would also like to know on the Everyday off - peak s, it doesn't specify that the minutes are for off-peak periods only on the web.  Is it in fact anytime minutes, or is it only off-peak minutes? (http://www.vodacom.co.za/personal/phonesandpackages/everydayoff-peaks)

If you could fill in for me the table above, it would really help me make my decision.  Also, could you indicate if the above monthly prices are VAT inclusive or exclusive?
 Just by the way, it's pretty hard to try to get a blog to display excel like tables. :-(

Anyway, so eagerly awaiting their reply I got this...

Please note when you upgrade you may migrate to any package, there will be no cost for this migration

The Everyday Off Peak 120 package free minutes does not qualify for Data, only for Voice

It is only off peak minutes that can be used off peak times

Useful information I'm sure. Free migration, and... well, I wonder if he was thinking I was hoping to "surf" with my minutes... And just to clarify, I can only do that (which I can't) during off-peak times.  Anyway, maybe I could've made my initial email more clear.  No answer about VAT, nothing about the cash pay-ins... So here's my next attempt:
Thank you very much for your reply.  Could you please elaborate on these points:
  • The cash pay-ins for the different phones?  (Galaxy S+ or the Galaxy II... Please note that it is the i9001 and NOT the i9000).
  • Is the bills VAT inclusive or exclusive? 
Ok, this time I think my questions are concise and pretty much understandable. Their reply:
Please confirm if you would like the pay in’s for these handsets on the Everyday off peak 120 Package? 
Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! You did not even attempt to answer my fairly explicit questions?  Are you even reading my email?! Ok, here I am still going at it...

I assume there would be a pay in.  And I am interested in one of those handsets.
 Could you please indicate the different pay-in amounts on the different contract/phone options. 
The yellow blocks.
 Their reply... was... the most IQ I've seen I guess... 
Good Day Please see below dealsheets we have
And proceeded to copy and paste everything they have on the two phones from their dealsheet "document".  Which I believe was probably a violation of their terms and conditions with Vodacom.

I believe I would've received better service from an automated computer program.