Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Proudly South African


I found this really interesting. And I am very glad that we have South Aficans who are so liberal, and so ahead in their thinking about South African politics.

This reminds me of the EU that wants to ban the Swastica, but the Hindu people oppose it because it is also a symbol in their religion that resembles peace and stuff - I don't really have the Hindu angle covered, but yeah... (I should really add a link here, but I am a lazy blogger).

I agree though with John Smith not signing it. But had it been the black guy's old flag... I dunno. We all have such double standards. ;-) Racism is all about double standards.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jhb and CT traffic in terms of Dnd allignments


My sister-in-law moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town recently. And well, the way people drive always become a topic of conversation.

Now I thought about it this morning, and since I've driven in both Jhb and CT, I feel I can comment on the subject. For me, Cape Town drivers are very "lawful" to use the DnD terms. The Jhb drivers are far less lawful than the Cape Town drivers, but they are in fact more "good".

To explain this with examples I'll have for Cape Town:
The guy who sits in the right hand lane doing pretty much the speed limit (Speed limit is 120, and they'll be doing 115 or so). Very lawful. But not very considerate.

Or for instance you'll put on your indicator to pass the truck... but since you've had to slow down to 80 to not drive into the truck, the people coming from behind at 115 won't give you a gap. You'll be behind that truck in CT until there is a natural gap in the traffic or until the truck turns off.

For Johannesburg it's the other way around:
They go 140-160, but they are considerate. Or in suburban areas they'll be doing 80, but if you want to get out of your parking spot, or need to get past that truck or whatever, they'll give you that gap you need.

It's like they understand that the traffic is so bad, that not giving a gap worsens it more than actually giving the gap.

It's the concept Mr Nash (Beautiful Mind anyone?) in real life. What's best for the individual, isn't necessarily better for the whole. Jhb understands that, CT doesnt.