Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Universal Driving Laws

Ok, recently I've come to look at driving differently. I have set up these rules, but I have on several occasions broken several them. But this is what I believe is what separates the good drivers from the bad ones.

1. Be alert
2. Be calm
3. Be considerate
4. Be predictable
5. Don't send an sms
6. Don't talk on your cellphone
7. Don't flash or bright the guy in front of you
8. Keep a comfortable following distance
9. If you drive fast, drive with your headlights on, and especially follow rules 1-8.
10. If you drive slowly, don't sit in the fast lane, and don't be shy to put on the emergency lights, and go into the yellow lane.
11. Put on your indicators BEFORE you actually turn.
12. Keep your car in a roadworthy condition.
13. You may add more, but think before you add more, because it may be you transgressing some of the above rules rather than the other person doing something stupid.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Dog Owner Email

Ok. I cannot send this along. I am not someone to spam others. However, I do feel that this message needs to sent out. So those of you out there that read this, may spam others with it.

(I snipped the 185 other names that was added to the list)

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

I was horrified and shocked to see the article in the Daily Voice yesterday
about Tammy, a dog that had been burnt so badly by her owners.

The owners wanted to punish her for jumping over the wall into the
neighbours place. They fetched her and put her in her kennel and set it

I am not sure how many of you have seen the pictures. As an animal lover
it brought tears to my eyes because she was burnt so badly. The SPCA had
to put her down.

The SPCA have removed the other 2 dogs from these people and are pressing
criminal charges against them. I am therefore appealing to all animal
lovers to please add your name to the petition so that the owners are given
the maximum punishment befitting to them.

I have spoken with the Daily Voice, and we have an agreement that they will
forward the signatures to the SPCA to use in the prosecution of these
people. PLEASE, if you agree, please sign the petition and forward to as
many contacts as possible. Every 200 signatures, please return to me:
hfaulman@bremner.uct.ac.za ... This
will then be forwarded to the Daily Voice who in turn will forward it to
the SPCA.

Thank you and regards,

1. Hillary Faulmann
2. Jody Faulmann
3. Justin Faulmann
4. Reenen Laurie