Thursday, March 15, 2007

Google gets Green

I use google earth... but I *know* I will not enable this layer.

To me the really interesting part of this post was this comment by amg96:
You know what. I am pretty fed up with all of the down with humanity people. Every single one, especially Al Gore, is a hypocrite when it comes to minimizing your precious "Carbon Footprint." Why don't you all move into a forrest or desert island, protect it the best that you can, and leave the rest of us alone.

Yes, there happens to be a COROLLATION between global warming and CO2 levels. But the warming trend started before industrialization, and there have been warming and cooling cycles on the earth way before man was here. Want to know why??? Because the Earth's revolution around the sun oscillates closer and further every 200,000 years or so. Also the magnetic poles of the Earth also shift causing a thinning of the atmosphere during a shift which also leads to temporary warming.

What happened to all the chicken littles who cried, "Oh no, we're headed for another ice age in the eighties" Guess that didn't happen did it!

To paraphrase George Carlin, how do you know that we weren't put here to create styrofoam., or to use trees, or dig holes, use oil, whatever. Don't you all think that we are just a product of evolution. Are you so holier than God to think that we are outside of nature? How pompous to think that we can save a whole planet. The planet will be here long after we are gone, because you know why? Survival of the fittest, and if we're not the fittest, then syanara to humanity, baby!

If you don't like big polluters, then don't support them. Stop trying to use the government's police force, because someday you might be on the receiving end of that force. Ride a bike, live in a cave, don't use the sewer system, don't use the power system, but STOP PREACHING WHAT YOU DON'T PRACTICE!!

Yes, we should try not to pollute because nobody wants to breath polluted air or drink polluted water, or see the cute fuzzy little animals die out, but why is it that no one seems to care about the insects, or how about this -- who gave you vegetarians the right to kill plants for food or kill bacteria and viruses. Why don't you all just become breathans and live off the air!

I'm all for space exploration. There are plenty of planets and stars out there, and why don't all the tree huggers live on Earth and the rest of us can live on other planets and do as we will. If we have to use some trees for houses or kill some animals and plants for food, or mine some coal (or use wind - hey I'm not unreasonable), then let us do it in peace, and stop trying to bully the rest of the world. If it wasn't for business, you wouldn't have 1 tenth of the things you have -- you would have to make your own clothes, hunt or grow your own food and build and maintain your own shelter, forget about your own energy! Think a little before you try taking us all back to the stone ages!!!

For one, this is news to me, but in other news... Scott Adams (writer of Dilbert - *waves* hi to Scott, because Google Alerts will now let him know of this post) has written that fossils are BS. Another post which to me, made a lot of sense and are saying that for all these years, scientists have come to a conclusion, and are justifying their conclusion with facts. Instead of looking at the facts and then drawing a conclusion.

For me the Flying Spaghetti Monster is living proof of this "fact".