Friday, April 20, 2007

Sunset in Cape Town

Yesterday, I was supporting our soccer team (Pep's) in Phillipi. This was the sunset over table mountain. Absolutely incredible. Somehow it was lost on a lot of the people, but my eyes are sometimes just focussed on the beauty surrounding me. It is in times like this that I feel most happy and serene.

Unfortunately my phone's camera isn't the best (maybe in September after my upgrade), but this is why I always wanted a nice camera on my phone.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Krabbel trouble

This is Afrikaans scrabble. I won it. :-) Writing "Staker" there on the right. A "staker" is someone who is participating in a strike.

The wonder of cellphones and the internet... You can immortalize your victories forever! Bwuahahahahaha!

Anyway, the game was very tight, because in the 1st round someone else played out with "Ysterman" (Ironman). So it is pretty hard to get back from the 50+ bonus scores.

Hope you all win your games... but not against me.