Sunday, June 29, 2008

Irene drive in Somerset West

When I first arrived in the Western Cape this view made me understand what makes it special to stay here. You can see the whole peninsula, and on a clear day (like yesterday) the view takes my breath away. I'll post my first panoramic image now as well, don't know how well it will turn out... as it's a feature of the phone, and let's look at the result.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A quick review of Firefox 3.0

Well... I think it's... very much like the old one.

The look and feel has been changed a little, but not enough to make me feel uncomfortable with it, and also not enough to say it's a huge improvement. So

Look and feel : Still very good, +1 on the old one.

Size of download : Chunkier, so -2 on that. I liked the fact that firefox 2 was still small and lightweight. Firefox 3 is almost 8mb.

Ease of installation : Very easy... Just as any normal windows application. +0 (the old firefox was just as easy)

Ease of porting from old Firefox : Very easy... +2 (technically porting from the old Firefox is so easy you don't have to do it... but it gets +2 brownie points for getting all my addons for Firefox 3 (those that weren't compatible already)

So quick review...
+3 vs Firefox 2.
+8 (it should be a horizontal 8) vs IE.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pre-arranged funeral

In KZN I found this window... What is a pre-arranged funeral? It sounds just a little bit below board...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Proclaim Allah?

Radio Tygerberg has never been a station I listen at all so forgive me any misinterpretations I might have here. It's their democratic right as much as it is mine to do whatever they think is good. I just have a feeling that christians will be much less tolerant of a booth in public mall stating "We proclaim Allah".

Vodacom poster

However much I enjoy wit and humor in advertisements, this one was maybe just a bit too graphic for me. I have to admit that it grabbed my attention when I saw it, as it speaks to how I believe many view their phones. However I've always been really uncomfortable with the idea of having any thing foreign in my body.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Music Evening

This is a "Potbrood" (pot bread) that we baked that day, and then I snatched this photo of the cat camping on the guitar case. Reminds me of the musicians of Bremen (? -- Help me if I have the place wrong).

Monday, June 09, 2008

Sunset II

I drove a while to get this shot. It was taken on the Tierberg, and i got the light to play some tricks which was awesome. If I were rich then I'd like a spot up there, or maybe Plattekloof.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Sunrise II

The thing about sunrises in Cape Town, is that the mountains are in the way. So in a way the sun's angle on the earth is often not so perfect for nice sunrises, but we often have spectacular sunsets... However table mountain gets in the way in high summer periods.

Sunrise I

What I like about winter is the fact that I can sometimes rise early enough to appreciate a sunrise. As Pep I can get onto the roof and have a pretty decent view of the sunrises.


I finally got my phone's photo blogging feature to work, so i'm now posting all my pics i want to now.
These moths were just a little smaller than my hand... Unfortunately i don't have one where their (there were several) wings were opened more.

Cape town CBD tree hugger

This to me was just so cool. The tree was obviously put there a while back, and my best guess is because of prodominant wind forces it grew less straight than the original planters had hoped. What really caused me to take the picture, was the way the tree engulfs the barrier.