Thursday, March 20, 2008

Daring Apprentice revision 76

Revision 76:
M : Changed the way "messages" were handled.
M : New tokens are immediately available on the dropdown after creation.
M : Changed Type2 decks to be really type 2.
UM : The deck/SB/RFG/Graveyard has moved
UF : You can now save the last camera coordinates and zoom
M : Some table creation on the server has been written

I guess the most important changes here are the fact that I now have actual Type 2 decks with it. :-)

I also moved the position of the deck/sb/ etc. to free up more space on the table, which I guess is significant.

Yeah... on the serverside... I am realising now why I've been setting it away... it's hard. :-)

I am creating the structures on the serverside at the moment, so nothing "visible" is happening (well with network stuff are never really visible), but I am working on the networking, and I have a second PC to my disposal which will hopefully make testing easier...

So hopefully within the next couple of releases you'll be able to upload your deck to the server... then hopefully in the next following those, we'll get the you to draw cards, and play them and so on... :-)

Then we'll implement it feature by feature...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Abe Sargent of the Kitchen table references Daring Apprentice

It is at best, just a quick reference, but it is an excellent prospect... although there isn't any actual links to any of the software mentioned. So I'll ask him to insert it, but I don't know if he can/will.

I should eat that frog and start getting multiplayer working. :-)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Programming DA...

I want to possibly change this blog a bit, towards something like the guy who does MTG Forge's blog.

I'll talk here about things I struggle to overcome, and how I did (or did not) overcome them.

Today, I'll discuss my "TfrmStringlist". This is my window that displays the graveyard/RFG/SB/Deck/"Top X cards" of the deck.

At the moment though... it displays only one of the above mentioned and that includes both players.

Only one window... that's the rule.

This can eventually become a problem though... as you may want to view your own, and your opponents graveyard to make a choice (etc.).

One solution I can think of at the moment is to have 1 of these per player (this will alleviate the above mentioned problem) but then you still can't view your graveyard and deck at the same time.

The next is to have 1 for each zone per player... this will be very memory intensive though, and I want to keep Daring Apprentice very "lightweight". :-/

Anyway, I'll let you know what I decided.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Daring Apprentice revision 75

Lots of work, especially on the deck editor has gone in, but also important is that you can now play dredge decks a lot easier.

One of my objectives are to at least include 1 client/server item per release, so I get it done. It's my frog.

Please comment on the bolded change... I have no idea if there is ways in magic to send cards to the "non-owners" hand/deck/SB etc. (How does Booby trap work?)

If anyone reading this has got a or a digg account, please go ahead. :-)

Revision 75:
Fix : (Deckeditor) Deleting a card should not give an error.
Fix : (Deckeditor) After loading a deck, the cardtotals will now refresh.
UF : (Deckeditor) TAB doesn't stop in the card's oracle anymore.
Fix : (Main) Discarding the whole hand doesn't crash the game anymore.
M : (Server) Implemented a rudamentary Player and table type.
UF : Hand and token windows will now display the current player's name in the caption
M : Cards that are moved to zones, are now moved to their OWNER's zones, and not their Controller's.
This implies you cannot send something he doesn't own to his hand/grave/rfg/top of deck etc.
Fix : Zones now update even if they are open while you send cards there.