Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vodacom again...

Interesting that my previous post was about vodacom too.  I should write one about the data services in my area too, as I've been on their back about that for about 8 months.  But that is another issue.

Lomvula at the data call center from Vodacom insisted that one cannot buy data bundles on the web for your "secondary" account (mofaya) on the web, you *have* to call the call-center.  As I have in the past put an additional bundle on my Mofaya, I know this to be untrue. Yet she insisted, and was not particularly polite about the whole thing. And when asked for her name, she was very reluctant to give it (again, as I'm sure she said at the start).

If you log on with your secondary account you'll get this message:

Master account holder privileges

Contract and Top-up customers of Vodacom Service Provider have access to Master Account Holder features which allow access to services to be controlled. Access to this service requires that you are either a master account holder or that you have been granted access to these services by your Master Account Holder. According to our records you are not a Master Account Holder or have not been granted access . Please try one of the following solutions:
  • Your Master Account Holder will need to grant you access to this feature. If you know who your master account holder is, contact them to request access. They can grant access via the My Account section of this site or by calling Vodacom Customer Care.
  • You may not yet be activated as a Master Account Holder. If you believe that you are actually a Master Account Holder and would like to be reflected as such, please contact Vodacom Customer care.

You could probably get your secondary account to get master account privileges, but I haven't done this.

How to do it (if it works correctly the day).  You log in with your main account (if you have one, otherwise I don't think you'll have any issues getting a bundle loaded).  Then click on "My Bundles".

That yellow is how the system didn't work today, what I was trying to fix with Lomvula. Once there, click on Once off data bundles.

Now click on the "My cellphone number" dropdown box, and select the data sim's number.  When selecting my number here, something went wrong the time I bought it.  It said something (unfortunately it didn't say it again when I did this documentation), but the number went to my new number.

Then simply proceed to buy the bundle.  Simple?  Well, please educate Lomvula.

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