Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Players I pardon in Tribunal #2

I am going to have a list of player's I've pardoned in League of Legends Tribunal.  Know this.  If you get banned and I pardoned you, you are truly unfortunate.  I tend to punish lots of stuff.  "easy" "noobs" etc.  If you said that, you'd better have handled the rest of the team for the rest of the game(s) with lots of respect otherwise you're punished.  Anyway, so Naming and Shaming is illegal, that is why I am listing here summoner names from EU West, that come up in tribunal, that I pardon, not punish.  I will not publish a name that I punished as this is against the tribunal rules.

MrPatriarche It was tight, but your swearing etc. was not directed at anyone.  I could see you got angry, but you kept it in place well. Pardon from me.

7wtf8wtf9 Another tight one, but it seems you did call for help.  Try to swear less, "fat kids that dont have friends irl have to flame others in online games" Thankfully you stated it "generically".  You are so close to punish, it's not even funny, but I'll call pardon.

TGoG Hyperion Benefit of the doubt... You only had 2 games, and were borderline in both.  Try to get your frustration levels down when you are losing your lane.

justperfect You seem to have a knack for pissing your teammates off.  You're not outright rude, but people report you when they want someone to blame. Try to encourage the team more, and respect each others' wishes.  

I accidentally pressed pardon on another guy.  I meant to punish him :-(. 

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