Monday, May 07, 2012

Trying to get LOL to run from behind firewall, and copy #3

Ok, so I had the failures... I asked some questions, and I have some leads.

1st Lead: I posted on the EU forums and found out that one needs to run the installer... Now this obviously does *something*.  And I found out that it installs Pando Network onto the PC. I think this is used for bugreports etc. So I believe that the server may check for this as anti-cheating and perhaps as an additional way of knowing all is fine on the clientside PC.
2nd Lead: When I tried deleting it to install elsewhere, I found that I couldn't.  The owner of the files was BUILTIN: ADMINISTRATOR.  Right, so I believe it's because it came from a flashdrive. But I changed the owner of the folder to myself.  (Right click in the root, click security, Advanced, owner, change owner to (Replace owner of subcontainers and objects)..

So lets see if it worked!


Comments from forum suggests that I need to have completed the original install, and only during patching copy the whole folder over... I'll try that tomorrow, asking my friend to get the full install file for me.

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