Monday, May 07, 2012

Trying to get LOL to run from behind firewall, and copy #2

Sigh, OK.  So I got dx9... .dll from a website, and placed it in \windows\system32  (I had it in the ...\league of legends\ folder first, but no dice).

So now, running from the phone connections (all other LAN connections disabled) I can get it to patch (it didn't download much, less than 1mb) perhaps doing some registry (there are some things now things in registry, but not a lot worth of "Riot Games" worth), but not yet connect to server.  I am unsure why I am not yet able to connect to the server, but I am going to post some forum questions or perhaps to help and support.

I also tried to "repair" the installation, dunno if that did anything productive, but it's still not connecting to the server.

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