Monday, May 07, 2012

Players I pardon in Tribunal

I am going to have a list of player's I've pardoned in League of Legends Tribunal.  Know this.  If you get banned and I pardoned you, you are truly unfortunate.  I tend to punish lots of stuff.  "easy" "noobs" etc.  If you said that, you'd better have handled the rest of the team for the rest of the game(s) with lots of respect otherwise you're punished.  Anyway, so Naming and Shaming is illegal, that is why I am listing here summoner names from EU West, that come up in tribunal, that I pardon, not punish.  I will not publish a name that I punished as this is against the tribunal rules.

Majkutson close call, but you survived.  2nd Jungler pick is not great, but not bannable IMO. I would suggest you stay away from ranked/draft until you have full set of runes and can play Tank, AP carry, AD carry, Support and Jungler.

Lol... I had like 4 pardons today... but only started with this dude.  Anyway, hoping for this to become a regular thing... Though if I get the game running from here... probably less so. :D

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